Ordering Guide


Introductory note:

As we are manufacturers and all of our items are produced and handcrafted / hand painted in our factory, it is not always possible to have all references in stock for immediate delivery.
Therefore, the entire online shopping process will be translated into an order that upon receipt by our services always needs confirmation from us.
In cases where the ordered item is available in stock, delivery and shipping will be immediate.


Ordering Process:


Step 1: Registration

To have access to prices / orders, the customer must first register on our website (click here) and enter the requested data. This registration needs approval from us.


Step 2: Article / Quantity Selection

Upon receiving the email confirming the registration approval, the customer will have access to the price of all items available on the site and, consequently, to place their order. Simply select the items you want and select the “add to cart” option along with their quantities.


Step 3: Order Completion, Shipping and Payment

Once all items have been selected and added to the cart with their quantities, the customer should enter the shopping cart and select the option “Check Out”.

You will then be asked for the shipping address and shipping method. In the case of deliveries to Fatima will not be charged postage and the customer can select the option of pick up at our facilities or delivery to store.

We also ship to anywhere in the world, in this case, as both item weights and package weights / dimensions fluctuate, we can only budget shipping costs when the order is ready for shipment.
Finally you must select the option "Pre-order without payment". Your order is now finalized and you will receive a confirmation email from us.

Once we have the opportunity we will contact you to set the deadlines and terms for shipping / payment.
As a general rule, shipments are made only upon receipt of payment confirmation.

In situations where only part of the selected items are available in stock, and if the customer agrees, the order may be shipped in stages. In this case, for each shipment, the customer will be charged the respective shipping cost.




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